BHIS Thane Academic System


ICSE - Grade X Examination (Primary Grade I to V):

Grades I-V is classified as primary section and is handled by Ms.Bhaswati Choudhary, who is with the school since its inception. The syllabus and study material provided by KKEL are translated into a dynamic curriculum by her team. Students are not assessed through formal examinations but by day-to-day evaluations through crosswords, quizzes, projects and other methods of assessment. Worksheets that are age - appropriate and skill - centered help in evaluating the students without the accompanying stress. Emphasis is laid not only on written but also on speaking and communication skills. Experiential learning being at its core, regular field trips, plenty of co-curricular activities (both physical and mental) and an annual educational tour form part of the primary school curriculum.

ICSE - Grade X Examination (Secondary Grade VI to X):

Grades VI-X is classified as secondary section and it culminates in the ICSE examination at the end of Grade X. This section is in the expert hands of Ms.Yojana Suryarao who has excellent management and supervision skills and has been with the school since its inception. The secondary section curriculum is formal and informal both so that the students gain knowledge and understanding, develop skills, appreciation and values. The Scholastic and Non-Scholastic areas are interwined in a manner that they help in holistic development of students.

Group I Group II Group III
1st English Language and Literature (Compulsory) Mathematics Computer Application
2nd Language - Hindi or Marathi (Compulsory) Science (Physics/Chemistry/Biology) or Economics or Commercial Studies Commercial Application
History, Civics & Geography (Compulsory) Economic Application
Art (Paper I and III)
  • Students may choose any one subject from Group III.
  • Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) is a mandatory component of the course curriculum. Students are expected to put in a minimum number of hours of social service and also show proficiency in a creative craft.

ISC - Grade XII Examination (Grade XI and XII)

For Grade XI & XII we offer Science and Commerce streams. Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) happens through tests every Monday and Wednesday. The entire schedule is given well in advance and internal assessments form an integral part of the evaluation system. This could be in the form of reading, recitation or aural comprehension, poetry writing, painting a poem, subject relays, crosswords, quizzes, practical work, map work, debates, mental agility tests etc. Examinations are scheduled in September and February. Students are promoted to the next class based on the sum total of their performance throughout the year. Students are expected to put in 50 hours of community service (mandatory requirement of Board) in a recognized NGO. A project based tour of 4 to 5 days is part of the study program. Students are expected to participate in this tour as it is not just about visiting a new place but also about in- depth study of it. It instills in students an array of other skills such as independence, money handling, teamwork etc. Based on their learning students have to submit a project report.

ISC Exam Subjects

English Language and Literature (Compulsory)
Mathematics/Business Studies
Biology/Computer Sciences/Economics

IGCSE Board Cambridge (Primary Grade I-V):

Cambridge primary is an education programme for young learners that combine a world-class curriculum, high-quality support for teachers and integrated assessment. There is a Cambridge primary curriculum framework for each subject – English, English as a second language, Mathematics and Science – providing a clear teaching structure. Many schools use the integrated assessments to monitor learners’ progress.

IGCSE Board Cambridge (Secondary Grade VI-X):

Cambridge secondary curriculum develops skills and understanding in English, Mathematics and Science for the first three years of secondary education. It combines a world-class curriculum, high-quality support for teachers and integrated assessment.

IGCSE Board Cambridge (AS/A Level):

The school is also affiliated to the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and prepares students for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and AS / A Level Examinations at the end of Grade X, XI & XII respectively. The (IGCSE) is an academically rigorous, internationally used and specialized English language curriculum which is offered to students to prepare them for the A levels offered by CIE in different subjects. Cambridge IGCSE provides a broad and flexible study program and covers subjects from a variety of Areas: Languages, Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Creative and Technical and Vocational. Examinations, whether they are Core or Extended, are designed to make IGCSE suitable for students with varying levels of abilities. IGCSE allows teaching to be placed in a localized context, making it relevant in different regions. It is structured with the intent to be suitable for students whose first language may not be English and this is acknowledged throughout the examination process.

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